Construction – About us

It is one of the leading companies in the sector with extensive experience and proven expertise in the execution of large public infrastructure projects (road, water, sewage, etc.) domestically. Our company has signed many successful projects related to years of experience and accumulation and road construction at home and abroad.

Our company has received many certificates of appreciation and appreciation for its work.

It continues our activities in various regions of our country with its wide machine park and expert staff.

Our Mission

  • To be a pioneering force in the development, construction and management of infrastructure projects by ensuring excellence in all our fields of activity,
  • To maintain our leadership in timely completion of projects and adoption of the latest technology and sustainable technologies,
  • Adhering to our main principles, maximizing our work with the efficient distribution of our resources and increasing the long-term well-being of our communities and employees in all the branches we operate, in all regions where we work,
  • To ensure that the projects we load with our expert staff and our large machine park are completed in quality and on time.

Our Vision

  • To be a pioneer and a truly global company in its field by focusing on the business portfolio consisting of the fields of activity we specialize in,
  • By taking the positive references of all the projects we have carried out, to undertake more qualified commitments at home and abroad,
  • Maintaining the dynamism of the company is to be a large and permanent company independent of the sector conditions.