Colour Variations:

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, Pure White, Transparent

Thickness Options:

10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm

With or Without Step

Silvera Cad/Cam Spray! for optimum digital recordings for any scan
procedures Applicable for all general purpose CAD/CAM systems in dental

        Silvera Cad/Cam Spray! Green 200ml
            Silvera Cad/Cam Spray! Red 200ml
        Silvera Cad/Cam Spray! White 200ml

Light Cure Custom Tray Material

CusTRAY LC is a resin in the form of contoured plates for maxillae and mandibles. It is used for the fabrication of individual trays for crown & bridges and in a total prosthetic technique. It can also be used for the fabrication of bases for bite patterns and odontograms. The tray resin is ready for use, easy to handle. CusTRAY LC can be cured under room and daylight (lengthy procedure), but cures quickly under halogen and UVA light. The individual trays can be used directly after fabrication.

– Non-sticky surface.
– Easy to use with high dimensional stability, rigidity and
resistance to torsional stress.
– Material-saving processing odorless and uniform in thickness
with low shrinkage.
– Plates are supplied in boxes to protect them against the light.
– Leftover material may be stored in its box and used later.
– Polymerizes under UV light (300-500 nm) in 3 minutes.
– Available in 4 colours and packaged by 50 tray plates in a black
plastic box.
– Thickness: 2,4 mm.

CTRY-Pink Silvera CusTRAY LC Custom Tray Material – Pink
CTRY-Blue Silvera CusTRAY LC Custom Tray Material – Blue
CTRY-Green Silvera CusTRAY LC Custom Tray Material – Green
CTRY-Natural Silvera CusTRAY LC Custom Tray Material – Natural

Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

– Specially produced for manufacturing temporary crown and
bridge material
– Cadmium free, PMMA polymer
– 3 natural color options
– No porosity

TEMP-1 Silvera TEMPORA 200g Powder
TEMP-2 Silvera TEMPORA 450g Powder
TEMP-3 Silvera TEMPORA 500g Powder
TEMP-4 Silvera TEMPORA 1000g Powder
TEMP-5 Silvera TEMPORA 100ml Liquid
TEMP-6 Silvera TEMPORA 250ml Liquid
TEMP-7 Silvera TEMPORA 500ml Liquid

It is used in preperation of the prothesis

– For bite occlusion
– Easy to shape
– Good elasticity
– It is suitable for summer and winter conditions.

MWS Modelling Wax Summer Type
MWW Modelling Wax Winter Type
MWU Modellig Wax Universal